Underground Storage Caverns for Gas and Liquid Products
Underground Salt Cavern Storage

The production of salt from a salt deposit - either domal or bedded - creates an underground brine-filled cavity in the salt. These salt cavities, or "caverns," are routinely used for the safe underground storage of gas and liquid products. These products include crude oil, liquid hydrocarbons, natural gas, compressed air, hydrogen, and helium. One of the most famous uses of cavern storage, is the United States' Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Where there is over 700 million barrels of crude oil that is stored for emergency use.

Texas Brine's first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage cavern was placed into service in 1952. Since then, dozens of additional caverns have been put into a variety of storage services. Texas Brine creates over 15 million barrels of cavity space a year with brine production activities. With our brine production rates, Texas Brine has the capability to meet your storage needs with existing or future caverns.

The operation of storage caverns requires strict oversight and management. In particular, the operation of underground liquid storage requires the prompt and timely injection or withdrawal of brine to support product movements. Underground Storage, LLC and Underground Services Markham, LLC are two subsidiaries of Texas Brine that routinely provide this service to customers. 

An experienced staff of engineers and scientists are available to meet your storage challenges. Most of our professionals have over 20 years of relevant experience and have assisted clients around the globe in services related to:

  • Well and cavern design
  • Storage facility development and permitting
  • Liquid or gas storage